Men prefer lingerie to church

According to a recent survey, men feel more comfortable in a ladies’ underwear shop than they do in church.  Gosh, how things have changed. I remember working as a ‘Saturday girl’ in Goldbergs and occasionally doing a stint in Lingerie and most men then were like startled rabbits caught in headlights.  And who can forget that episode of Father Ted when they had to employ army tactics to get safely out of said department?  Fr Alex tells a wonderful story of turning a corner in Gamarelli’s in Rome and finding himself in the nun’s underwear department and nearly fainting with the shock of so much pale pink and oyster white sensible undies.

So, I wonder, is the answer to sell lingerie in church then?  Set up a stall at the entrance offering rosary beads and prayer cards along with French knickers and plunging balcony bras? Is this the answer?

The other problem men appear to have is with singing hymns. 67% don’t feel comfortable singing in church. Wee lambs. What’s that all about? Hymns not butch enough? Too woosy to be singing about love and stuff?  Perhaps I shouldn’t have banned all those militaristic hymns like Fight the Good Fight…

Actually, we at St Mark’s don’t do too badly for men now. It wasn’t always the case, of course, but now there are a goodly number of youngsters who’ll happily (well perhaps not) humph furniture and leap up ladders to change light bulbs. And it looks to me like they are all singing like linties. But of course the ones who won’t don’t come, right?

Perhaps Karaoke is the answer?  We could use all those No Organist? No Problem! cds that we have.  What a fun evening that would be.

They never mentioned any of this in Mission classes.

6 thoughts on “Men prefer lingerie to church

  1. Can you entertain and encourage blokes, eg giving out copies of the music edition so they can bellow the bass lines to Cwm Rhondda, Sagina and Hyfrydol properly, perhaps?

  2. As you know, eighteen months ago I left my home of thirty years and moved – so also moved church. The first two churches I (a middle-aged church-going woman) joined made me feel moderately uncomfortable, and part of that was singing – that is, lack of singing. There were bums on pews, attached to persons of various age and gender, but singing was not much in evidence, either in the liturgy or hymns. I can well see how anybody, and especially a bloke, would not want to tolerate the kind of hymn-singing situation in which I found myself. It was embarrassing. It was worse than silence or singing. One could neither comfortably sing, not comfortably be silent. If this is what is happening to these blokes, I can well imagine they are very very uncomfortable. But, you see, it is not what I have generally been used to in the SEC. I blogged about this, because it seemed so odd, and as a result had a most uncomfortable interview with the priest, and subsequently felt obliged to leave the congregation.

  3. I found your post a little confusing until I realised that you’d got things back to front in the first sentence of your post. I think you meant to say that men feel more COMFORTABLE in an underwear shop than in church, not more UNcomfortable.

    Yes, to Tim, but can we have the tenor line as well, please? It usually takes you no higher than if you’re singing the melody an octave down.


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