A Media Tart is born

Have I become a media tart?  Well it was only a matter of time, I suppose, for an attention seeker. For yesterday I spent a delicious morning with Carol (morning Carol!) from BBC Radio Scotland’s Religious department recording four programmes – New Every Morning –  which will go out on 29 April and 3 Sundays thereafter. But you’ve got to be up with the birds to catch it for it goes on air at 6.30am. However, you can listen again via the website if you’re not such an early riser.

Past little flocks might find the sermons a little familiar for I had to regurgitate some old ones and tart them up a bit. And current little flock can just come to church at 10.30am on those mornings and hear them live, as it were. No sense in letting a good sermon go to waste. Actually, they weren’t particularly good, it has to be said. Preparing four services in Holy Week will do that to a girl. There just wasn’t enough time for me to create something absolutely stunning.

The recording process was fascinating. One delightful woman, one small recording device the size of a mobile phone, some headphones and a lapel mike. That was it. Those with good hearing will notice the several downpours that we had while recording. Luckily we didn’t have to get the holy bucket out or there would have been some lovely loud drip/sploshes too. It was also fortunate that we didn’t have any fire engines or loud boom-boom music from cars at traffic lights which is our norm. And it was all over in just over 2 hours.  Thanks to Tom and Sandie who helped out with readings. We all had to do a couple of re-takes but just minor paragraphs which will get edited in. It was all quite painless – although I did find it odd not having any eye contact with my little flock.

And over a cup of tea I was asked if I’d consider doing Thought for the Day. Now that’s a whole other can of worms which will require some prayer. It is live, after all.