Good church music in Edinburgh

Google brought the Edinburgh Guide to my attention this morning and there I found an article telling you where to find the best church music in EDinburgh.  St Giles is the place to be if you are Presby. And they very kindly remind us that once upon a time it was a cathedral of the ‘Anglican’ persuasion.

The best Pisky music, apparently, can be found in Old St Paul’s. Then St Mary’s Cathedral and St John’s Princes Street get a look in. I’m sure one choir, at least, won’t be very happy about that!

At least the RC Cathedral gets top billing.

So now’s your chance. Which city centre church do you think has the best music?


8 thoughts on “Good church music in Edinburgh

  1. Hmm, was St Giles ever actually Anglican? I’m not sure that the concept of being Anglican in Edinburgh was possible in 1690. The Episcopal element was certainly kicked out, but did they think of themselves as Anglican?

    Surely they thought of themselves as the true Scottish church.

  2. Was that not what Jenny Geddes got her knickers in a twist about? The fact that the Anglican prayerbook was trying to be imposed on the Scottish church.
    Best church music in Edinburgh ………… slightly biased but I would probably go with St. Mary’s (piskie) overall.

  3. City Centre church – I’d have to go with St. Giles

    But if I am completely biased, I’d have to say best music in the city can be found at St Mark’s Portobello.

  4. I see it is talking about the centre of the city. Now its ‘centre’ goes out as far as the Jesuit Kirk, there may be another Kirk a wee bit further out, say somewhere near Panmure Place, that has better music than all the others. Just a thought……

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