Art of Advent – The Story Unfolds

Our last Art of Advent looked at the following paintings as the story unfolds…

Interior, Strandgade 30, Vilhelm Hammershoi, 1909

The Expectant Madonna with St Joseph, 1425-50, unknown French, National Gallery of Art Washington

Mary meets Elizabeth, 1996, Dinah Roe Kendall

The Visitation, Gwen Raverat, 1885-1957, Darwin College University of Cambridge

A Difficult Journey (The Journey to Bethlehem), 1890, Fritz von Uhde, Munich Pinakothek

The Numbering (Or Census) at Bethlehem, Pieter Breughel the Elder, 1566, Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

Mary with the Midwives, Janet McKenzie

Pregnant Miniature Donkey, Nanouk Weijnen