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Another long book group yesterday discussing Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. Actually I had read it about a year ago, I think, but someone else suggested it and I remembered that I had found it hard to put down.  When I first posted on Twitter that we were going to be reading this the author immediately got in touch and offered to attend our book group via Skype or to answer any questions. Wow! How impressive is that? Then I thought of our little book group… of the one who usually dozes off; of the one who comes to enjoy a cuppa and hasn’t always read the book; of the four of us ladies of a certain age who constantly say, “I don’t remember that bit…” or “Who was she again?” And everyone’s a critic! I’m sure the author would love to hear our opinions.

Anyway, back to the book. It is quite harrowing and one of our members just found it so violent she almost couldn’t read it. It features domestic abuse, with a psychological thriller twist. Almost unbelievable in parts but then you realise that this could be someone’s reality and that is so horrible. The main character also suffers from OCD and what starts out as something rather annoying (‘Oh for heaven’s sake, pull yourself together’ kind of thing) develops into sympathy as you understand why she is the way she is. It really is a page turner and has you wondering who the goodies and baddies are. 5 stars.

I also read The Rapture by Liz Jensen which was not quite so good. Set in the near future, psychologist Gabrielle tries to rebuild her life after a horrific accident which has left her in a wheelchair. She goes to work in a hospital and meets Bethany, a violent, manipulative youngster who can predict the future. Earthquakes, disasters, wars and destruction follow amid a love story and psychological thriller. Bethany’s father is an evangelical preacher of the hellfire and damnation variety, and is probably responsible for many of her problems. I quite liked that the hero was disabled but the rest of it was just a little bit too unbelievable and it was all finished off rather too quickly. 3 stars.

Can I also recommend Awesome Books if you are avoiding Amazon these days? Free delivery, new and secondhand books at great prices (often cheaper than Amazon) and pretty fast too.

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