Here come the girls (in Art)

The wonderful Mother Anne Dyer is doing another of her art courses which started last week. The theme this time is women in art, in particular biblical/religious women. How could I miss that?

Our first week concentrated on Women in Genesis – the archetypes.  We began with the paleolithic, ice age and terracotta figures of women from long, long ago. The vulva featured heavily.

Then we moved on to Eve and Lilith. I’m going to share the images which have stayed with me but there were lots to choose from. I’m rather fond of ol’ Lilith. This may not surprise you.  The image of Eve below is painted by a woman and you can read so much into the figure of Eve in it.

Lilith john_collier




Then we moved on to the story of Sarah and Hagar. Such a sad story on so many levels.  I’d love to see this Segal sculpture of the story. It should be in a church but suspect it isn’t.

Sarah Hagar George_Segal


Then Leah and Rachel…

Jacob Rachel_William_Dyce


and finally Potiphar’s wife. This Rembrandt sketch just made me laugh so much. Love it.

Jospeh and Potophars wife-Rembrandt


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