In a few moments I shall leave to take the funeral of Willie Jamieson. I have been friends with Willie’s son and family for years and he was a kenspeckle character. On this occasion Willie’s son Bruce wrote the eulogy for me and all I had to do was top and tail it. Such joy! But don’t you just love hearing people’s stories? I find it absolutely fascinating and that’s one of the reasons why I just love doing funerals.

Rest eternal, Willie.

5 thoughts on “Funerals

  1. Brilliant post – and brilliant blog.

    Kenspeckle = well kent (known) local character.

    Yes, innate noseyness indeed. But in a good way.

  2. Bruce may have written it, but only you could have delivered it! The whole service challenged the unbelieving. Thanks, a great job done.

  3. I can see that the funeral of someone who has lived a long and full life and gone to meet their maker could be lovely to take. But what about these of my recent experience (not in an official capacity):- a beloved husband in the prime of his life, after a brain tumour diagnosed only weeks before; a young father killed in a road accident leaving his distraught young widow to bring up their pre-school children on her own; the cot death of a beloved only child. Please don’t tell me you would love those.

  4. It is about walking with someone in grief, about listening to the stories, about comforting, about sharing the comfort of the resurrection. That’s what I love.

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