Plan B – Further Thoughts on Faith

As part of my Lenten discipline of not reading fiction, I have just finished my second Anne Lamott book: Plan B – Further Thoughts on Faith. I read Travelling Mercies a wee while ago and loved it but this one wasn’t quite in the same league. Oh, it was easy to read, a few ‘ah yes’ moments, and a few smiles but not the ‘laugh out loud’ that I had with the first one.

This book reads like a series of essays on different topics and much of it features her family. They are chatty books, the kind of topics you might discuss in the pub over a glass of wine. She seems like the kind of person I’d have as a friend.

Here’s a bit I liked…

…I had been going up on Mount Tamalpais to walk and be quiet and pray nearly every morning for years. I started to do this because I had heard that Jesus did so, although my friend Father Tom recently clarified this. He said that we are not sure whether jesus actually did this; people had to explain Jesus’ absence by saying he was going up to the mountain to pray, but for all we know, he went off and had a few beers. Then he may have gone bowling, slinging the ball bitterly down the alley until he felt better.

“What would he have done with thirteen-year-olds?” I asked Tom.

“In biblical times, they used to stone a few thirteen-year-olds with some regularity, which helped keep the others quiet and at home. The mothers were usually in the first row of stone throwers, and had to be restrained.”

I wrote this down and taped it to my wall… Every parent who saw it laughed and felt better; nothing helps like letting your ugly common secrets out. And it came in handy during a recent fight.

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