Spill the Beans and Mucky Paws

For those of you out there who are interested in creative liturgy, do you know about Roddy Hamilton and his wonderful blog? There is a Scottish/Iona kind of theme going on with all sorts of great ideas for visuals and all age services. You can download Spill the Beans free which gives ideas for Lent Year A for those struggling with small numbers of young people and trying to create an All Age service.  And if you look in the right column you will find a way to subscribe to monthly Mucky Paws which is full of creative ideas.

Thank you Roddy – and for not charging for this great resource!

5 thoughts on “Spill the Beans and Mucky Paws

  1. Thank you so much! We use Roots, but this will give some extra inspiration. What I like especially is that is really is ‘All Age’ and not just ‘for the children’ – e.g. it has ‘a prayer to be offered by an elderly person’ etc.

  2. Yes, Alison, I agree about the All Age thing. We have just started doing such a service and I refuse to call it a ‘Family Service’ which can be exclusive.

  3. Thank you for this link – some very useful creative all-age ideas in Spill the Beans. I hadn’t come across Roddy Hamiliton’s blog but thanks to you will follow it for a while. Hope your new all-age service bears fruit.

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