Vestry Away Day

Gosh but it has been a busy old week/month/year and my blogging has been rather taking a back seat. This week’s diary has been full of funerals and book groups and visiting and prayer shawl group and magazine and article for Inspires and preparation for the Vestry Away Day. Phew!

And so it happened that on a snowy Saturday morning we found ourselves in the Carmelite Convent cottage in the heart of Falkirk where the sound of traffic is but a distant hum and all you can hear is birdsong and the occasional Angelus bell. The cottage in the grounds is the nuns’ gift to ecumenism, I’m told, available for anyone to use. Tea and coffee and lovely biscuits are all provided and all they ask is for a donation. (We also left a lemon drizzle cake.) And they allow us to use their chapel too for our Eucharist which is small and perfectly formed.

We gathered to discuss where we’ve been, where we are and where we would like to go. There was quite a bit of dreaming too – that bit was fun. If money were no object, what would you want in your church? Chairs instead of pews? New hymn books? Services at a later hour for young people who want a long lie or to take part in sport? More candlelit services? Modern vestments with matching altar frontals, burses and veils? More children and young people? Study groups? A new nativity set? Better heating? We had all of that and more.

From that list we had to prioritise three things to work on this year. These were:

  1. More people
  2. More money
  3. More pastoral care

And that feels like a good way to start. We have lots of ideas too which will hopefully help us achieve them. At the beginning of our day we played Vestry Bingo which worked well as an ice-breaker. Not only that, but we found out things we didn’t know about one another which is always useful when you are looking for volunteers later on! (Details provided if you’re interested!)

So if you had 3 wishes for whatever you want for your church, what would they be? Dream on…


5 thoughts on “Vestry Away Day

  1. When we had an away day 3 or so years ago, we drew what we wanted. The resulting picture showed the church on its hill, the car-park overflowing with cars, and children playing in the grounds. We didn’t dare to think of dealing with the flaking building at the time …
    And now we have the children, the laughter, the busy car-park – and we’re in the middle of dealing with the flakiness and the damp that makes it happen! So yes, dream, and dream again …

  2. As ever- always intrigued by different ways of doing things; love the idea of Vestry Bingo, and … do post the detail: the mind will continue to boggle until then!

  3. three wishes for my church
    1. to be able to afford our own float for Pride 2011
    2. later services on a Sunday morning ! 10:30 is too early
    3. I have 15 kids in the sunday school and they dont all speak English… the gift of interpretation would be a blessing

  4. Vestry Bingo (or any other group)
    Draw 5 rows of 5 squares (25 total) and put things like:
    this person loves brussel sprouts
    this person was born in Falkirk
    this person can use an iPhone
    this person knows someone who is gay
    this person reads whodunnits
    this person worked abroad
    this person speaks a foreign language
    etc (make up your own for the group)

    then they have to go round all the people filling in the names and the first one to finish gets a prize. Then you find out how many people you could have had for each one. Great ice-breaker and you learn something about everyone there that you probably didn’t know.

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