Murder, mayhem and macho

I forgot to report on my last two fiction books read before Lent so here we have a wee word about them both.

The first was our Book Group choice: The Killing Floor by Lee Child. Now you might think this a strange choice for a Book Group and indeed you could be right. However one of our group has found herself unable to finish the last few books because they have been… well, a bit boring to be honest. A bit worthy, if you know what I mean. Definitely not enough excitement in them for her. So our oldest member (late 80s) suggested a Lee Child book. It would appear that her granddaughter has recommended them to granny and she has been wolfing them down. So we agreed to start with the first one of many, many in the series. Having read it I can see why the critics were so surprised that Jack Reacher was played by Tom Cruise in the latest film. Tom Cruise being known for his shortness of stature and Jack Reacher being known for his 6foot 5inchesness, or thereabouts. It was okay. It was short sentences and the story kept going at a good pace. I just got a little fed up with the amount of people he killed with no recriminations. I know they were baddies but it did seem just a tad unlikely that a stranger could wander into town, get to potter about the police station undisturbed, and then wipe out the local baddie population with much gouging of eyes and swift neck cracking. 2 stars.

The second book I read was The Priest by Gerard O’Donovan. This was a good old murder mystery set in Dublin, and a debut novel. I think I picked it up in a charity shop and needless to say the title was what grabbed me. Who could resist the strapline: “Light your candles. Say your prayers. Confess your sins. The Priest is coming.” Quite. It was another page-turner with a cop and rookie journalist fighting the establishment to catch the killer who likes to brand his victims with a cross. It was pretty exciting and not a bad plot but there was just one thing which niggled me and that was the whole ‘Priest’ thing. Now it may be that I fell asleep and didn’t take in why this killer was going around branding everyone with crosses but I did feel that this could have been made more of the story. In fact, I can’t even remember now why he was doing it and I only finished it 4 days ago. I mean, he wasn’t actually a priest if memory serves me well. 3 stars.

And now it is Lent and fiction has been set aside for Theology. Watch this space.

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