21 days later, Ruth has a wobble

Montserrat So how is your New Year Resolution going, Ruth, I hear you cry?  (That is, not to buy any new fiction this year.)  Have you teetered yet and given in? Have you 1-clicked by mistake and ordered the latest blockbuster novel? Have you succumbed to the supermarket’s ‘2 for £7’ or the stupidly cheap Kindle surprises that are emailed every day?

Well, thank you for asking, but no I haven’t. I nearly have. Often. 12 days in and I thought I was doing terribly well until it was pointed out that it was ONLY 12 days. Now at 21 days I see that I have added over a dozen books to my Amazon Wish List. I have wobbled a few times, teetered on the brink of purchasing but so far I have resisted womanfully. I can’t believe how hard it has been not to buy a book. Even a wander round the charity shop had to be severely curtailed when I realised I daren’t go near the bookshelves.

Our last Book Group choice was one I had on my bookshelf so that was okay. Our next one, I happened to have ordered months ago on my Kindle when it was cheap. I’ve also read a couple off my shelf since New Year. (And Lord knows I have plenty more from which to choose.)

Then, the most delicious thing of all happened. I had wondered how I was going to read books that I had been eagerly awaiting. Join the library, I was told. Then there is Mothering Sunday and the aforementioned Wish List, and my birthday of course. However, last week I was going to a church meeting when the Vestry Secretary mentioned that she had a wee pressie for me. And she did indeed. She handed over The Chessmen by Peter May, the third in the Lewis trilogy. And not just that – it was hardback! AND it wasn’t on loan. AND it was signed TO ME by the author!!!! How cool is that? What a star my VS is. Love her to bits.

Now if every month is going to be like this, then I don’t think it will be quite so bad after all.

8 thoughts on “21 days later, Ruth has a wobble

  1. I know I should but I have a ‘thing’ about libraries. They used to make me sneeze violently and I always need the toilet! Don’t ask me why!

    And I’ve always had a thing about owning my own book so it’s mine! How greedy but that’s how it is. I love to know that this precious thing is all mine to do with as I will… to keep it, to lend it, to give it away.

    However this year I can see I’m going to have to overcome all that.

  2. A testimonial: I have used the Falkirk Libraries system, having as a native son joined the Hope St library in 1954, since my return home ten years ago. It is brilliant and you do not have to browse if you sneeze. There is an online catalogue and reserving is easy and swift: I ordered seven books on Friday and six were waiting for me on Monday. The staff are a delight and very well informed. They have a fine supply of new books and have also retained in the stocks a goodly supply of the classics. Give them a go and see what you think.

  3. Ruth – On the subject of books you have read – please can you remind me of the title and author of the book you recommended a while back about the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela? I thought it was called The Way and know there is a dvd with that title but can’t find the book anywhere. Apologies for clogging the blog!

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