The trouble with an ecumenical Holy Week…

…is that someone on Monday sings one of your hymns for Maundy Thursday.

…is that someone on Tuesday preaches on footwashing.

…is that you hear the someone on Wednesday has also chosen your hymn for Maundy Thursday.

…is that your favourite hymn is sung to an awful tune from another hymn book and spoils the whole thing for you.

…is that someone on Good Friday night is using nails which you were going to use on Good Friday afternoon.

Perhaps we should have liaised a bit more?

13 thoughts on “The trouble with an ecumenical Holy Week…

  1. Or the preacher who you had nothing at all to do with says after 30 mins, ‘that brings me to my final point’ and then goes on for another 15 mins, and you get the flack as the CoS minister whose church it is in had decided not to bother turning up! (Not to mention the 45 minutes was on John the Baptist, feels more like Advent than Holy Week at the moment.)

  2. Oh, we sang “Thine Be the Glory” lustily last night, and other Easter stuff, with post-resurrection readings and sermon on Thomas being absent after the Lord had risen. A wee rant about those who were absent at the service. However, he did ask, “Is the church empty tonight because we are too boring?”

  3. You mean there are people who go to each one and therefore will notice? Apart from the clergy who probably don’t notice such things!

  4. In my book Ecumenism as going-to-each-others-services does not really work. It only works as planning and working together. And arguably Holy Week is not really the time for such a labour-extensive occupation.

  5. I agree with Rosemary. I don’t go to the ecumenical services – though a few brave souls from elsewhere did come to our 2 hour extravaganza on Holy Saturday evening …
    But I have to point out that one of our own intercessors alluded to the Risen Lord on – wait for it – Maundy Thursday. Two of us, both of whom you know, were in paroxysms.

  6. As the ecumenical services are all held in our church it would be hard to avoid them. (Except for the RCs who for some reason do it in their church.) But we had lots of support from the Presbys and the ecumenical choir of course who were wonderful. 100 on Maundy Thursday isn’t bad.

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