Toothless Ruthless

Regular readers of this blog will perhaps remember the swooning that has taken place in the dentist’s chair. P was very handsome but it turned out that he was not such a hot dentist. This is a great pity, I can tell you, for he really was delicious.  However last week i found a new NHS dentist in Portobello who is terribly young but super efficient. Yesterday i went for my filling – this being the tooth that has been filled badly by P three times now – and new dentist suggested that I just get that old wisdom tooth out at the same time because its on the same side.  Well I was delighted at the thought – truly. It meant I didn’t have to go back again and it had been giving me gip, growing as it did out the side of my gum into my cheek.  Many numbing injections later, which included half my nose, the filling was done and with a bit of pushing and squelching the offending tooth was out.  Told you she was efficient.  Just as I was about to clamber out of the chair she said, “You do know that you’ve got a bit of root poking through your gum on the other side, don’t you?  Why don’t I just take that out now before it gets infected?”  Absolutely! Let’s get it all done now! (What was in that injection?)  Another two jags and the root was out and I sat up to the accompaniment of a few stars and wooziness.

I was told not to do any work for the rest of the day and to put my feet up with copious painkillers for when the jags wore out.  So I did just that. Finished my book too but more of that later.  Now I’m just hungry, not having eaten anything since yesterday lunch.  Why is breakfast food all scratchy?

3 thoughts on “Toothless Ruthless

  1. Know what you mean about the scratchy breakfast cereal – I had a wisdom tooth out last week (under GA) and I’m getting rather tired of porridge. But with scary warnings about jaws breaking I’m following instructions of “soft” food for a couple of weeks. I can suck chocolate!!!

  2. Do you do porridge without milk? Not sure I could cope with that. Rather alarmed that I didn’t get a warning about jaws breaking! Oh well, back to chocolate.

  3. Porridge with soya milk – an acquired taste but worth the perseverance. The wisdom tooth was languishing on my jaw bone rather like an old ship wreck, hence the potential problem. They always give you the worst case scenario though.

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