My baby got married

One of the greatest joys in this job is being part of those big moments in people’s lives.  And it is especially joyful when those people are part of your own family.

On Saturday my eldest son Craig married Vicky, the light of his life. It has been planned since the beginning of the year and early on it was clear that this would be a wedding with a difference. For my son is not what you might call conventional and we love him for that. However it did make the planning just a little chaotic which does not always sit well with this control freak.

The liturgy was poured over and my wordsmith son had considerable input when it came to names for the deity. From the beginning they wanted to write their own vows but as the day got closer the vows were not forthcoming. It was only the day before that they arrived and were so beautiful that they instantly made me cry. Craig loves the sea and sailing so that was a theme throughout the day and also in their vows:

Vicky said to Craig:

I vow to always remain your anchor, to bring you stability in a chaotic world
I promise to be a safe harbour for you, through the highs and the low tides, to guide you through stormy seas to calm waters
And I vow to remain by your side on our adventure as we grow old together.
And Craig said to Vicky:
I promise to always fight my way back to you from dark mountains, valleys and seas
I promise to recognise the light in you, when the darkness is blinding
You are my lighthouse and my siren, and I will always come to your song.
The wedding was small and informal. No organist, no hymns. Vicky came down the aisle on her mum’s arm to the theme from the film The Life Aquatic and later we all sangalong to Kooks by David Bowie. Craig read two beautiful love poems to Vicky and everyone sighed.
Even my lovely sister who suffers from agoraphobia managed to dope herself up sufficiently to come and sit at the back, along with her son Stevie who suffers from CRPS and although he was in horrendous pain he managed to stay for the ceremony. I know Craig and Vicky were surprised and delighted they were able to be there.
Then some of their closest friends trotted down to the Voodoo Rooms (used to be the Café Royal) for a wonderful meal and my youngest son Gareth gave a hilarious best-man speech. Unfortunately the noise from the wedding next door was such that we didn’t hear all the jokes. And then we hit the dance floor and more friends arrived to share in the joy.
I didn’t stay long after that. Three glasses of Pinot Grigio was just too much on top of all that adrenalin! It was a gorgeous day, not without its mishaps, but a day which I shall never forget.

Wedding at Christ Church

On Saturday, while the sun shone and the temperature rose just above freezing, Emeka and Akunna were married at Christ Church. For the first time we hosted the reception in our hall – a buffet for 30 people. Margaret made the cake, another Margaret did the table flowers, yet another Margaret played the organ, Molly did the church flowers, Bob and Lesley (with broken arm) did the food, and Bob, Lesley, Sandie and others served. It was just a great day.

And if you fancy us hosting any of your small events please do get in touch.

Prayers ascending for a busy weekend

It has been a busy week and this weekend is going to be even busier. So take a deep breath and plunge in, why don’t you?

Firstly, you could come and admire our new signs. Yes, finally they are up and looking gorgeous (photo to follow). Now perhaps Nikki will get off my back as every time we meet for a coffee in the Blue Bean she has a go about those tatty old ones.

Secondly, we will be interring the ashes of Canon John Paul, past Rector of this parish. John and Susan have been a great support to me over the years and I have got to know them better since I came here and they popped in from time to time. Rest eternal, grant unto him O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.

Thirdly, the day has dawned on the WOTY (Wedding Of The Year) which has been in the planning for what seems like a very long time indeed.  The date was moved to accommodate the Provincial Conference which never happened.  And should the Rapture happen, or a very large fire at St Mark’s this afternoon, there will be no young people left in the Scottish Episcopal Church. For yes, I think every member of the Provincial Youth Network will be seen hobnobbing with a Bishop and a number of clergy and a whole host of family and friends to Caroline and Andrew today at 1pm.

Note: the incense is brought to you by Rose Mystica today so you have been warned.

So let us pray for those who mourn the passing of a loved one after a full and loving life together.

And let us pray for those who are beginning their life together that God may bless them and keep them ever loving.


Heard at the hairdressers

I was chatted to the lovely Gabby as she restored my hair to full purpleness, as you do, and I mentioned that the upcoming Wedding Fair at Ingliston had prompted this need to look half decent. She seemed surprised that our Church was taking a stand at the Wedding Fair and I told her of the success last year when it was at the SECC in Glasgow. After all, we are the Church who likes to say Yes! And in these dark days of the credit crunch why spend a fortune on an expensive venue for your wedding when your local church may be considerably cheaper, if not free?

At this point I drifted off into planning mode for said Fair until I was alerted by Gabby saying the name ‘Kelvin’ and ‘make-up for weddings’. What?!  Is our beloved Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow doing a sideline in making up brides to look gorgeous? I mean, I know we aren’t paid terribly well but I hadn’t realised things were so bad.  I could just see him with his big make-up box on wheels, brushes in hand, gold cope around shoulders, adding a hint of blusher with a flourish. What a brilliant idea!  What a package we could offer. Come to Church an hour or so early for your wedding and we shall take care of all your needs: face, hair, flowers, and a prayer to set you up for the day ahead. What do you think?

Btw, the ‘Kelvin’ was not our Provost after all, but the boyfried of X, another hairdresser.

PS The Wedding Fair is at Ingliston next Saturday and Sunday 7th & 8th February. I shall be on duty on the Saturday all day.

Wedding in Peebles

Congrats to Arthur and Gusia who got married yesterday in St Peter’s Peebles (by me). The snow in the morning was a little alarming but the sun shone as the happy couple entered and exited church so we couldn’t have asked for more.

It all went very well except when I had to tell the congregation that they were pathetic. You know that bit where you ask the family and friends if they will support them? And they are meant to respond “We will.”  Well, it was the most half-hearted response I’d every heard so I told them they were pathetic and to do it again. Took the roof off the second time! This seemed to cause shock amongst some present who appeared to think that we can’t have a laugh in church. Blimey!

Even the microphones not working did nothing to deter us from making a joyful noise. Judy did exceedingly well on the organ considering she was told on no account to touch certain stops. (Never did find out what would happen if she did. Disappear into the bowels of the earth? Get an electric shock?) We didn’t lose the rings down the gap in the floorboards which was a big concern for me. Everyone seemed to enjoy the feminist version, ie You may now kiss the groom!

All in all, a beautiful day and our prayers go with A & G as they begin married life together.

Wedding bells are ringing – well next year they will be, if we had bells, that is

Oh with Revruth its all me, me, me. Being an attention seeker sometimes we get a bit carried away with all that’s happening in our own lives and forget to share some good news with all of you in Blogland.

Well, at our Alternative Service on Sunday night we heard the wonderful news that C&A (just realised that they are C&A!) have finally decided to get married. I believe the proposal took place on Valentine’s Day (C’s birthday) but I haven’t got the gory details yet. Is this the first wedding from the Provincial Youth Network, I wonder?

And I wasn’t alone in replying “About time too!”

Why we don’t do weddings in Lent

Thanks to Raspberry Rabbit for this:

Following her wedding, an old-fashioned girl crawled into bed for the first time beside her new husband. She snuggled up to him and was surprised at his lack of response. In fact, he rolled over and began to fall asleep.

“So why aren’t we going to make love on our wedding night”, she asked finally.

“Because it’s Lent” came the reply.

“That’s nonsense!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. It’s been lent to whom and for how long?”

See you at the Wedding Show

From the Daily Mail:
‘Given that they have been marrying people for centuries, the clergy ought to know a thing or two about weddings.

So it may come as a surprise to learn the Scottish Episcopal Church will be represented for the first time at the country’s biggest wedding show.

In an age when couples seek bizarre places to tie the knot, the church wants to remind people of the original venue where generations have said their vows.

Last night a spokesman said: “We felt the church really had to put itself forward and say ‘we are here, we do weddings and we do them well’.”

Members of the Scottish Episcopal Church will hand out leaflets and provide advice at the Scottish Wedding Show.

The idea was revealed by the church’s information and communications board and was approved by bishops in Scotland’s seven dioceses, who gave it unanimous backing.

About 8,000 people are expected to attend the event, which takes place at the SECC in Glasgow on February 16 and 17.

It features more than 300 exhibitors offering tips and advice for couples getting wed.

They include bridalwear companies, florists and caterers. There will also be a catwalk show.

The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of Glasgow’s Episcopal Cathedral, said: “The Episcopal Church knows quite a bit about weddings – we’ve been doing them for a very long time.

“Generations of people have come to church to mark the most significant events in their lives. If a number of people planning a wedding are visiting a national wedding show, then the church should be there too. Marriage is an exciting time in people’s lives.

“What will be exciting for the church in attending the show will be the opportunity to meet people we may not otherwise meet.”

The Episcopal Church will have its own stall at the exhibition. Its leaflets will contain questions and answers about getting married in church.

They include how to have a tailor-made wedding, marrying a divorcee, the availability of clergy and wedding venues.

A spokesman added: “We thought it was time we went to the people rather than them come to us. We want to remind people the church is there for them if that is what they want.”

The spokesman said the decision to take part in the show was not due to fewer couples getting married in church.

“We felt the Episcopal Church should not be absent from something focusing on weddings,” she added.

A spokesman for the Scottish Wedding Show said: “It is great to have the Episcopal Church involved in this.

“We try to let the show cover all aspects of a wedding and the church is important to many couples getting married.”

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion and has more than 300 churches across Scotland.

Last summer, the church renewed its marriage liturgy to create a balance between what it wants to “say about God’s love and what couples getting married want to say about their love and commitment to one another”.

Wedding Blessing surprise

“At a wedding ceremony that I was performing, I raised my hand to give the final blessing. The bride misunderstood my gesture and surprised me with a high-five. Not wanting to exclude the groom, I offered him a high-five, too. I was finally able to get my blessing in, amid the laughter of the guests.”

from Rumors

A day to remember

Congratulations this morning to Mr & Mrs McKenzie as they begin their married life together. It was a glorious wedding – everyone said so! I take no credit for this. K & K chose all the parts of the liturgy themselves with great care and attention. Hymns were chosen, not because they were old familiar tunes, but because the words fitted their feelings.

Mrs K McK looked absolutely stunning in a little Italian number. And I mean stunning, and not just because she looked so chic but because she exuded joy from every pore. And Mr K McK looked calm and assured in his wee tartan number. Never have I heard vows made with such passion and assurity.

A great turnout too with one stunning hat and endless fascinators. (I want one!)  The ivory and turquoise theme was classy and the Glasgow Cross appeared time and time again. It was a wedding for friends and by friends, from the invitations to the cake and flowers – all services offered by friends.

Blessings on K & K, their families and friends.

PS there was only one mistake… ok, make that two. The first made by me when I forgot to switch off my mike when I was wrestling with the piper just before the service. And the second when I proclaimed them ‘now drowned in marriage’. Drowned? Drowned in love was what I meant!