Wedding hymns

I see in the Church Times that the most popular wedding hymn is Amazing Grace.  Second most popular was Make me a Channel of your Peace. Strange. I have never done a wedding with either of those, I don’t think, although they are on my list.

Interestingly, according to my statistics, most people come to my Blog looking for Wedding Hymns or music. All because I once asked for suggestions for new wedding hymns. Mother Kimberly has some on her Blog which are new words to well known tunes and they have been useful in preparation. (sorry, but I can’t find the link at the moment)

And well done to the CofE who have a comprehensive website dedicated to Planning your Wedding. (This is where their statistics have come from regarding Amazing Grace.) Everything you ever wanted to ask about a wedding is in there. (Perhaps we need to do something similar?)

Here is the list of hymns that some other wedding sites suggest:

All creatures of our God and King
All people that on earth do dwell
All things bright and beautiful (please, no!)
Amazing Grace
Bind us together
Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Give me joy in my heart
Guide me O thou great Redeemer
Immortal, invisible
I vow to thee my country (em, why?)
I watch the sunrise
Jerusalem (Ok, now I’m thinking they have just gone for hymns people might know)
Jesus, stand among us
Lead us heavenly Father, lead us
Lord of all hopefulness
Lord of the dance
Love divine, all love’s excelling
Make me a channel of your peace
Morning has broken
Now thank we all our God
O Jesus I have promised
O perfect love
One more step along the world I go
Praise my soul the king of heaven
Praise to the Lord, the almighty
Shine Jesus Shine

It is a pretty tired old list really and seems to be mostly made up of hymns you may have learned at school or heard on Songs of Praise.  I do have a list of more up to date ones but am not sure about copyright issues so if you want them you will have to ask and I shall email them to you.