WW1 folk art

Do you remember when people had autograph books? When I was in primary school we all had them and took them in at the end of term to get our friends and teachers to sign them. It was also a time to show off any famous autographs we had. I never had any of those but I did have a very old autograph book which was my mum’s. I now think it must have belonged to one of her parents but I think the ‘autographs’ and pictures were all done by local people from Penicuik or nearby Glencorse Barracks. They are much more exotic than ‘By hook or by crook I’ll be last in this book’ or ‘did you ever discover you could write on the cover?’ which was our standard ‘autograph’.

Here are some of the War pictures, many drawn by the same man Alex Orman. Does anyone out there know anything about him?

2017-05-09 11.43.51

2017-05-09 11.44.22

2017-05-09 11.47.44

2017-05-09 11.47.16

2017-05-09 11.46.13

2017-05-09 11.46.31

2017-05-09 11.47.58

2017-05-09 17.50.47

2017-05-09 11.49.49-1


Canonball Sunday

Yes, I know it’s not Low Sunday today but someone was heard to mutter that it was like Canonball Sunday. Why Canonball? Because you could fire a canonball through the church and it wouldn’t hit anyone.

Sunday School excelled themselves and you might have guessed that someone had been at the Science Fair for we had experiments galore. We had apples dropped from a great height, balloons causing hair to stand on end, magnets doing their thing, lemons powering a watch, and pickled cabbage juice which changed from pink to purple to blue and back again. It was a tense moment as it rose up the vase. And the point of it all?  That we don’t have to see something/one for it to have an effect. Excellent stuff. All agreed it was better than my sermon.