Day off

My day off yesterday began with a little root canal treatment by the gorgeous Pedro. This was painless thanks to the very large syringe of something that was popped in to my gum and then out my ear via my eye socket. However the temporary filling has left a particularly nasty taste in my mouth, only removed temporarily by eating tasty morsels. I fear my diet is not going to go particularly well this week.

Then it was back home to catch up with emails and a little bit of work which needed dealt with.  Not to mention holding things up to be photographed and catalogued on Ebay for Son #1’s latest passion. It has got to the stage that if something isn’t nailed down he could be selling it from under my feet.

Shopping followed – a job I love. Then back home for a little rest. Had just settled down in front of the TV to catch up with everything I’ve missed last week, and was thinking what tasty morsal I might have for dinner, when the phone rang. Didn’t answer it, of course, it being my day off, but did listen in just in case. Thank goodness I did. For it was then that I remembered I should be doing Quiz Night at church in 15 mins.

Quiz Night was great fun though. We mixed up people into different teams which meant folk got to know others. And of course, we thought that this would prevent ‘The Foleys’ from taking 1st prize yet again. That didn’t work as Archie was still on the winning team. Well done Archie!  Even with the 2 disputed answers you’d still have won! Thinking next time we might do a completely religious quiz and see how things go!

Today is sermon-writing day for Family Service and 8.30am gang. Have been invited to Gay Pride march to take photos of a certain priest who is talking on weddings.

3 Blondes came third

Last night saw the annual Edinburgh Altar Servers Quiz Night at St Mark’s.  It was a quieter night than last year without that rowdy crowd from OSP. The winning team were More Cross Than Holy (Holy Cross, where else?) and our own 3 Blondes (Marjie, Frances and Kenny) came a respectable third.

And I ate almost a whole tub of Cheesy Footballs. Well, its lonely being the Quiz Mistress.

Rainbow Quiz

Here are the Qs and As from our recent Christian Aid quiz, as requested. (The quiz was set by the fiendishly clever Shirley Shepley). All answers include a colour.

1. Venus in ……… (4,5)

2. Feeling good (2,3,4)

3. Popular German wine (4,3)

4. Mercury but not Freddy (11)

5. Bambi (4)

6. It only occurs once in this time (4,4)

7. When to do silly things for charity (3,4,3)

8. To leave on a desert island (6)

9. He was the third (5,4)

10. A Stanley Kubrick film (9,6)

11. And here’s one I made earlier (4,5)

12. Made a fortune for Irving and Bing (5,9)

13. Home of the Blarney Stone (3,7,4)

14. She bit the bad apple (4,5)

15. A naval commander with wings (3,7)

16. A boat for John, Paul, etc (6,9)

17. She was fond of her granny (3,6,4)

18. ………….. Dilly, Dilly (8,4)

19. Angry rules for road safety (5,5,4)

20. Another name for Victoria (3,5)

21. An unwanted gift (5,8)

22. ‘She stoops to conquer’ by ……. (6,9)

23. A Stately chicken (5,6,3)

24. These are Scottish (4,5)

25. Turkey stone (9)

26. Baldrick’s tormentor (10)

27. Saintpaulia (7,6)

28. Not many people know his proper name (7,11)

29. Member of the thrush family (7)

30. Rainbow’s end (5,2,4)

Rainbow Quiz – help needed

OK, so you purchase a quiz in aid of Christian Aid (compiled by one of my flock with a very twisted mind, if you don’t mind me saying so) and you struggle to find all the answers. I’ve never actually met someone who gets all the answers on these quizzes. Oh I hear that someone got them all and won the prize but I’ve never actually met them in real life.

So I only have 6 (out of 30) to get now and I thought I’d throw it out to you folk in Blogland to help with the answers. And if I win, I promise to share the Fair Trade goodies prize with you. And before someone tells me its not fair, let me assure you that others are asking their friends and family for help too!

All answers include a colour.

He was the third (5,4)

Another name for Victoria (3,5)

An unwanted gift (5,8)

These are Scottish (4,5)

Turkey stone (9)

Not many people know his proper name (7,11)

Over to you clever people…

Quiz walkover

Well folks, it was our Quiz Night again last night. You may remember that the Foleys have walked away with the prize on the last two occasions so this time they were banned from taking part again. So they split up into two teams (girls and boys) but wouldn’t you know it… Archie won again. My advice to you is that if you ever walk into a pub quiz in Portie and see Archie there, just leave. Walk away. Don’t look back. He will win, no matter how good you think you are. He is the champion of useless information (and some useful stuff too)!

Mind you, the round on the Diocese of Edinburgh nearly scuppered them. Sadly, it scuppered nearly everyone else too. Only the SuperGrans and the Luvvies managed a decent score on that one. My advice to you for the future is start reading The Edge and Inspires. And then you can truly call yourselves Episcopalians!

Edinburgh Servers make noises in the nave

Last night some Edinburgh altar servers got together for a Quiz Night at St Mark’s Portobello. All servers were invited and a good crowd arrived to take part. (If you weren’t invited speak to your priest or Head Server because they didn’t let you know!)

Now we all know that altar servers are the epitome of decency and decorum when they are in the Sanctuary. Swishing about in cassocks or albs, hands pressed together, bobbing at the Blessed Sacrament, adept at candle control, and always with BLACK shoes. But let me tell you, when you let them out of the Sanctuary they really let their hair down. What a rowdy lot!

We had to split up churches because some didn’t have enough for a team of four – and Old St Paul’s had enough to take over the church. But it was a good way of getting to know one another.

Questions (compiled by me) covered Altar Serving, Saints in Art, Churchy things, Who’s Who in the SEC, The Diocese and an extra round on Edinburgh City. (If you want to do something with your church you are welcome to the questions – just email me or comment below.)

A great night and barely a black shoe to be seen.

Pectin is a carbohydrate!

Some time ago we put out a questionnaire to my little flock to see what kind of events they would like. Interestingly, religion wasn’t really up there in the top 3. But ever one to give the people what they want, last night we had a Quiz Night. And what a success it was! There were 13 teams of 4 (one of 3) and competition was fierce. Any brotherly or sisterly love which might have existed after my masterpiece of a sermon on Sunday morning was long gone by the time Round 1 was over.

Congratulations to Mike’s Martyrs who won by half a point, and then very generously shared the prize with the Joppa Geriatrics. And commiserations to Cantata who came last but graciously washed the wine glasses after. Cries were heard for a repeat performance so it looks like it might be a bi-monthly event.

Interestingly, there were 3 clergy there (no names given!) and none of them were the ones to get 10 out of 10 for the Religion Round.

And yes, Pectin IS a carbohydrate. Thank you to all those who went home and Googled just to find out that I was right after all!