It’s time

A few weeks ago a member of my little flock said to me:

“But why do they want marriage? They have civil partnerships. Is that not enough?”

“Where did you get married?” I asked.

“We got married in St ********”

“Why did you choose to get married there?”

“Because we were members there. That’s the church we went to… Oh.   I see.”

And that is why we are holding an evening to discuss such matters on Wednesday 17 July at 7.30pm at Christ Church. One of the things we might do is watch the new video by the Equality Network which was launched last night.  You can link there or here below.

You will see lots of famous Scottish faces. And you might see some not-so-famous too. You may even see some clergy and that was what made my heart soar. Clergy with dog collars saying “It’s Time.” Not clergy ranting and pointing at some verses in Leviticus. Clergy with a positive message instead of an exclusive one.

And haven’t they got good teeth?

Sign the petition please

Fr Kelvin has drawn my attention to the petition which is being presented to the Scottish Parliament which urges the Scottish Government to amend the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977 to allow two people of the same sex to register a civil marriage and a religious marriage if the relevant religious body consents.

I was a Deacon of only one week when I had a phone call asking if I would perform a marriage between two women. All I could do was give a blessing then but I know that they really wanted to get married in church before God. Of course things have moved on and now they could have a Civil Partnership – and may well have done. However, it is not the same as standing up in the church community to which you belong and making the same vows that your heterosexual friends can.

It is really about Equality and Justice. And that is important to me, and to you I hope.

Anyone can sign it and can do so here. (It is a little temperamental and it took me two attempts so stick with it.)