Lol Robinson sings

I’ve been listening to a CD this morning entitled Songs from Lucy’s Cottage which is rather nice. The strange thing is that it is sung by a fictional character. Kind of. Readers will know I am a big fan of the Phil Rickman books featuring Merrily Watkins: single parent; Silk-Cut smoking; priest; and diocesan exorcist. Merrily’s lover is a man by the name of Lol Robinson who has developed rather nicely throughout the series of books from angst-ridden, Nick Drake fan to a man who finally has played his music in public without the help of narcotics or alcohol and has modest success.  Throughout the books we hear about songs which Lol has written or performed and here they all are.

I liked Heavy Medication Day which reflects the care which goes on in some psychiatric hospitals. Cure of Souls is haunting and stuck in my head.  The whole CD is kind of done in the style of Nick Drake (of whom I am a big fan) and is really rather nice. I shall keep listening and sure I’ll come back to it too. If you are a lover of the books, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. (And Gomer’s voice is just how I imagined it!)