The Golden Compass

Forgot to tell you what I did on my day off this week. (Well, half day, actually.) Having worked all morning I decided to sit down and watch a movie which is becoming a rare event these days. Who has two hours to spare? Anyway, I watched The Golden Compass and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did read the book when it first came out but my memory’s not what it could be these days so I can’t really comment if it stuck to the book or not. And I dare say bits were missed out because of time constraints. But I thought it was wonderful and the special fx were amazing. Lots of well known faces too.

Son #2 watched it too and was miffed that I hadn’t told him it was part one of a trilogy. I know what he means. I hate when I get to the end of a programme and its says ‘to be continued’.

A bit like the Ascension really, when you come to think about it. (Oh no, I’m starting to sound like someone on Late Call!”)