DIY on a day off

Big thanks to Fr Kirstin for giving up her day off to come and join me on mine to rearrange my study. She is a hard taskmistress and made/encouraged me to throw out far more than I would have done on my own. I am a hoarder, there is no denying it, but with a little gentle persuasion I can be convinced that I do not need to keep quite that much scrap paper. Mind you, the recycling bins are now full and overflowing so a trip to the Dump is imminent.

We even fitted in a trip to worship at the shrine of Ikea to purchase 2 mini filing cabinets – perfect for storing paper and stuff. £17.99 each which is pretty good for metal cabinets, don’t you think? I learned that Fr K’s method for DIY is to throw the instructions away and go with instinct. My method is to plod through with the instructions and every now and again whine a little, at which point Fr K came over and did it for me. Now they are full and I am tempted to go and get more. Yes, I didn’t throw out everything!

So I now have a new view with my desk facing a huge pic of the interior of Siena Cathedral. (Yes, I will do some photos later today.) I have space on my desk and the carpet is once more visible – a state we have not had since I moved in over a year ago. I am so happy.

So thank you Fr K – you are a saint! And my back is killing me so it will have to be a gentle day today.