When a Day Off becomes a day off again

Friday is my day off. Sometimes it is not my day off and that is usually because of a funeral or because it is a crazy time of year. Today my day off was interrupted by the Burns Lunch for our wrinklies. (In the USA they call them ‘shut-ins’ – how awful is that? Wrinklies is MUCH nicer.)

However today is also the first day that Falkirk has had snow that lies on the ground. While the rest of the country have been suffering for days or weeks we have somehow escaped. Today it is snowing and lying. Not a huge amount. Not enough to get the wellies on. But it is still flurrying down so the decision to call off the Burns Lunch was made. The Burns napkins were put away for another year. The sherry was put in a cupboard, the haggis etc into the freezer.  After all, we don’t want to be responsible for broken hips and wrists.

So now I have an unexpected day off once more. And what shall I do with it? Oh there are so many possibilities. I could curl up and read my Peter May book. I could watch a pile of Father Brown episodes. I could clean the bathroom floor and try to fix the wonky wastepipe on the lav. (Yes, I know – the plumbing saga still goes on.) I could do some light housework and a bit of vacuuming. I could write all my sermons for this Sunday and next as I’m off on retreat next week and get up to date on things. Too much choice!

What would you do?

Day off

My day off yesterday began with a little root canal treatment by the gorgeous Pedro. This was painless thanks to the very large syringe of something that was popped in to my gum and then out my ear via my eye socket. However the temporary filling has left a particularly nasty taste in my mouth, only removed temporarily by eating tasty morsels. I fear my diet is not going to go particularly well this week.

Then it was back home to catch up with emails and a little bit of work which needed dealt with.  Not to mention holding things up to be photographed and catalogued on Ebay for Son #1’s latest passion. It has got to the stage that if something isn’t nailed down he could be selling it from under my feet.

Shopping followed – a job I love. Then back home for a little rest. Had just settled down in front of the TV to catch up with everything I’ve missed last week, and was thinking what tasty morsal I might have for dinner, when the phone rang. Didn’t answer it, of course, it being my day off, but did listen in just in case. Thank goodness I did. For it was then that I remembered I should be doing Quiz Night at church in 15 mins.

Quiz Night was great fun though. We mixed up people into different teams which meant folk got to know others. And of course, we thought that this would prevent ‘The Foleys’ from taking 1st prize yet again. That didn’t work as Archie was still on the winning team. Well done Archie!  Even with the 2 disputed answers you’d still have won! Thinking next time we might do a completely religious quiz and see how things go!

Today is sermon-writing day for Family Service and 8.30am gang. Have been invited to Gay Pride march to take photos of a certain priest who is talking on weddings.

Laugh a minute

Day off today so I decided to take it easy after a morning of preparing the AGM reports, and watched some stuff I’d recorded.

You know that we clergy need to be in touch with our people and so we should watch the same sort of thing they do.  Young L has been singing and dancing the same tunes for the past few months so I finally gave in and watched High School Musical. Oh my giddy aunt! So now I can converse with all the youngsters in my care about how we should be true to ourselves and not pigeon-hole people. I think. Gosh, but it was corny and not particularly good either but I can see its attraction, I think. And there was a lot of Grease in there. Don’t mess with Danny and Sandy.

Then I watched The Relief of Belsen just because it is Remembrance-tide.  It was just horrible. We will remember them.

Day off

Thank you for asking. Well as I did not get much work done on Thursday (see previous entry) I thought I had better catch up with some work. Popped out to get some red card to make Christmas cards with service times and failed to find any round here. Got back home to a phone call from the girls asking if I was indeed meeting them for lunch. I had completely forgotten. This is the problem when you have a Parson’s Pocketbook (still crisp and new) diary and a diary in Outlook and you haven’t quite married them together.

So I lept in a taxi and hot-footed it to Petit Paris for lunch (one course behind everyone else). Then we wandered off to look round the German market on Princes Street and enjoyed a mug of Gluwein (sp?). Was persuaded to go on the Big Wheel and what a treat that was. The view from up there was absolutely incredible – across to the Castle and the lights on the trees, and above Jenners to Fife. They had to close it earlier this week because of the gales but it was still a little breezy up there. Pity I didn’t have my camera with me. But if you are in Edinburgh over the next few weeks do take some time out of fighting your way through the crowds and go up in a pod and see the lights of Auld Reekie. You won’t regret it. Unless you have a fear of heights of course.