When Bloggers meet

You know how it is… someone makes a comment on your blog. You go and check out their’s. You quite like what they have to say so put it in your Blog Reader and comment every now and again. They do likewise. You get to know one another a little. Likes and dislikes. Stuff like that.

And then one day one of you gets in touch to say you are coming to Scotland and do you think we could meet? So that is how Lissa and I met up at the Scottish Seabird Centre this week for lunch, a blether and a look at the puffins. And jolly nice it was too. I suppose it is quite strange having a conversation with someone whom you have never met before but know quite a lot about.

I hadn’t been to the Seabird Centre before and it was wonderful. (Fab shop too!) 3 cameras trained on the Bass Rock and 2 other islands so we could watch the puffins and other birds nesting. Was it a shag? Oh, I can’t remember. Great place to take kids to because there were loads of interactive games and stuff, but a little pricey.  But how do you put a price on seeing a puffin?  Sooo cute. I think they are definitely my favourite ever.

What Myers-Briggs type is your blog?

My blog seems to be ESFP – THE PERFORMER. Surely not!  It says:

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation – qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

There was a graph too which I can’t figure how to copy but it showed that there was little thinking going on but lots of sensing and feeling. I think that’s about right.

Stop and smell the daisies

My wee car had to go for its MOT this morning. I wasn’t unduly worried as it seems to be trundling along quite nicely, thank you very much. So, I dropped it off at the garage, walked to church for Morning Prayer and then took a meander along the High Street to visit M who has just had a cataract removed.  I realised as I pottered along looking in the shop windows that I don’t do this often enough. Usually it is a quick drive down, find a parking space and nip into whatever shop I want and then back in the car and off again. Must do this more often, I thought.

Whilst at M’s I got the phone call to say that the car had failed. Not just failed, but failed on five things!  Brakes, steering – the lot. I may get it back tomorrow. My heart is heavy – my wallet will be light.

The bus stop said that there wasn’t another bus for 23 minutes so I decided to walk home. (I really wish I had put more clothes on this morning.)  But again I got to look in gardens and say Good Morning to neighbours who I haven’t seen for ages. Mind you, the whole procedure took me almost four hours. Four hours for one pastoral visit. It will never catch on!

C’mon Bloggers

Just talking to Fr Kelvin and we had both noticed that bloggers are not blogging as much these days. I suspect it is because of Facebook and Twitter. Those little amusing bon mots tend to be Facebooked or Tweeted rather than blogged.  This is a great pity and we mustn’t forget that blogging is a great tool of mission.

So… my plan is to do a daily blog in Lent. It might not be much, and it might not all be original, but there should be something.

Bread and Bloggers

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bread. I don’t think we ever did it at school and mum was a working mum so it was a loaf of sliced white or do without. This has led to a kind of envy of the folk who produce little brown loaves smelling of … well, it must be heaven, mustn’t it? And it is not really the kind of thing you can learn from a book either – all that kneading doesn’t lend itself well to pictures. I hear it is a great stress reliever too so that’s another reason to learn. And its never too late to become a yummy mummy either.

I did have a bread-making machine once upon a time which was lovely and all that, until Son #1 begged for it and it disappeared in one of his many abodes. But its not the same, machine-bread. I want the whole experience.

So, somehow, via a conversation on Facebook, via an email, and via a blog, Mother Kimberly has offered to host a Bloggers and Breadmaking day at the Rectory in Dunblane on 6 March beginning at 10am.  They are going to teach me and the other experts will swap recipes.  What fun!  So pop over to Mother K’s at Wonderful Exchange and let her know if you’re interested.  (Bloggers only!)

Good food, good wine and good company

Dinner last night at a good friend’s and met some old friends and maybe made some new ones. I have since been reflecting on the topic of blogging and how you can meet someone who knows more about you than you do about them merely because they read your blog. It is quite a strange place to be, but not unpleasant for an attention seeker!

It also occurred to be that I do enjoy dinner parties but of course never hold them myself. That would be because I don’t really cook. I heat things up terribly well but I’ve never had the urge or time to learn how to cook. Thankfully Son #1 does not take after me in this respect.  When in the mood he cooks with passion and glee. (I clear up very well. – we each have our gifts.) The other problem about entertaining on your own is that you spend time in the kitchen when you could be sitting blethering with people which is much more fun. Couples do it much better. I can do lunch. Well when I say ‘lunch’ I mean soup, bread and cheese with fruit.  In summer I have been known to throw in a pretty coloured salad. That is the extent of my repertoire. Not great, huh?

Of course last night’s dinner was sublime, in particular the creme brulee and the conversation. Not to self: no wine the night before Mass in future. I know this, so why had I forgotten?  Off to lie down now with a jolly good read.  See you in the next year!

Virtual journey round the churches

If you, like me, are snowed in and reduced to playing on the computer let me point you in these directions.

Fr Kelvin at St Mary’s Cathedral (the Glasgow one) recorded all his little fairies decorating the church on Sunday. He has speeded it up and posted it on his blog here.  It is very funny.  I liked the use of the candle snuffer to poke the fairy lights up on to the arch.

Holy Trinity Melrose has produced the most beautiful Advent painting. Many members of the congregation were given a tile to paint and when they were put together they produced a copy of the Annunciation by the Chinese artist He Qi. It really is stunning and what a great idea.

Mother-to-be (in religious terms) Nikki has been doing some wonderful O Antiphon meditations over at A Pilgrim’s Process. It is worth having a look at the others too.

OK, duty calls and some unwritten sermons demand attention. I see it is snowing again so it doesn’t look like I am going to get to church to do the photocopying any time soon.