The tale of the Tax Return

So my partly completed Tax Return has been lying in my In Tray accusing me for months now. I started it some time ago but couldn’t complete it without checking something in last year’s one. It lives in a purple box on top of my bookcase. This would require getting the steps out. Months passed.

My baby visited one day and I asked him to pass me down the purple box file and then it lay in my In Tray along with the rest of the receipts, forms and pay slips. It lay there for another few months. Teetering. Accusing me. It lay next to my crucifix with candle which often threatened to set fire to the whole house. I think I would be glad because then I wouldn’t have to do it.

Today Kelvin​ suggests I just do it and reward myself with chocolate afterwards. The incentive worked as a diet of grapes and satsumas is wearing thin. I’ve only been on a strict diet for 48 hours but it seems to be taking its toll. I’m thinking grapes dipped in chocolate would be really good. Even Jakeman’s throat and chest lozenges dipped in chocolate would be good.

With the incentive of chocolate I opened the purple box file and the partly finished Tax Return. It took me all of 5 minutes. Turns out I only needed to fill in 2 boxes. Rita Kitten is now sitting in In Tray looking smug. And I can’t be bothered going out for chocolate.

Tax return

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