Intercessions for St Julian of Norwich

I want you to imagine that you hold in your hand a small round hazelnut.Julian
Like Julian, I want you to wonder how this fragile little thing exists.

Isn’t it incredible that there isn’t any hazelnut in all creation that’s exactly like the one you’re holding now in your mind?
How does this hazelnut manage to continue to exist?

God showed me in my palm a little thing round as a ball about the size of a hazelnut.
I looked at it with the eye of my understanding and asked myself:
What is this thing?
And I was answered:
It is everything that is created.
I wondered how it could survive since it seemed so little it could suddenly disintegrate into nothing.
The answer came:
It endures, and ever will endure, because God loves it.
And so everything has its being because of God’s love.

God loves it.
Plain and simple.
God loves you.
Plain and simple.
Nothing would exist without the sustaining power and love of God.

Let us give thanks in our hearts for that love…

Let us give thanks that God loves our world.
Even those places where darkness reigns.
Where young girls are stolen away to be sold.
Where death and disease are rife.
God loves them all.

Let us give thanks that God loves our church.
Even when we argue and fight and lose faith.
Even when we forget what we should be doing, feeding the poor and hungry, loving one another.
God loves us all.

Let us give thanks that God loves those who are ill, those who are alone, those who suffer for disease or addiction.
Even when we forget them.
God loves them all.

Let us give thanks that God will welcome us all home in time.
Even when we are fearful of death, help us remember that we will be going home.
God loves us all.

All shall be well, and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well.


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