In which Ruth ponders failings

Look – I’ve been a priest a long time, and I know a couple of things. And the one thing I know for sure is that if I don’t accept my own, well, defects – if I’m not willing to see them clearly as part of me – I sure as hell can’t accept anyone else’s.

Michelle Blake, Earth has no Sorrow, p94

I was reading Kate’s blog this morning and this quote came to my mind. Kate writes so well about falling and failing and we all do it (and not just clergy). But the incredible thing is that although we find it so painful, especially when it is done in public, it is often on those occasions that our wee flocks love us most. “Thank goodness, she’s just like us!”

This Lent I am trying to look at myself and my defects, and Lord knows there are many. Self-awareness is so important in our job and my little flocks will tell you how often I scream that I am an attention-seeker and control-freak. (I always reckon its best to let them know first before they start whispering about it in corners!) And if I know my own failings and can learn to love them as part of me, and that I’m still loved by God despite them, then I can love others as well. Well, that’s the plan anyway.


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