In which Ruth resists making any New Year Resolutions

The wireless has been full of them. Magazine covers scream NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!  Advert breaks cry out with Diet Pills, Diet Food, Exercise Accoutrements and all the rest. It seems that everyone makes a New Year Resolution and more often than not, it involves giving up booze, eating less and exercising more. You will not be surprised to hear that I don’t do that.

elinga99Last year my New Year Resolution was to buy less fiction. You may remember me promising to read the books already waiting in the big bookcase and on the Kindle. For I am a book addict. I buy and buy and buy. New books in supermarkets, new books in shops and on many and varied websites. I read a good book review in a magazine or hear one on the wireless and before the battery has run out on my phone or iPad the Postie has arrived with it at the door. Kindle send me emails of bargain books at 99p. “What’s a pound?” I reckon. “Nothing at all really.” One-click and it’s mine. Charity shops call to me and in I go and devour the secondhand book shelves. And they pile up and up and up until they have filled a 6 foot high bookcase and if Kindles could bulge mine would surely do that.

So, last year I vowed to buy no fiction for a year but to read the ones I have. I joined the library just in case a new book came out which just couldn’t wait. Of course, I couldn’t say I wouldn’t buy all books. Sometimes you have to get books for work so that’s why it was just fiction. And how did I do?  *hangs head in shame*  OK, so I lasted until May. But that’s nearly 6 months! Come on, give a girl a break.

And it was much harder than I thought. Of course it did make me think about how much book pilemoney I waste on books which I impulse buy. And the awful thing is that some of those new books I had to have after May are still lying unread. Why May? I hear you cry. That was when Christian Aid have a big second-hand book sale in Falkirk. I knew by then it was all over and took a rucksack with me. How good it felt too. Have I read them all? Nope. Perhaps one or two. The rest lie in the overcrowded bookcase.

This is the problem with New Year Resolutions. You set yourself up to fail really. And then to feel bad about yourself. Well I have had enough! No more New Year Resolutions for me. I’m fat and I know it. I need more exercise. More? I need some!  And I don’t need any more books, that’s for sure. But am I going to tell the world, or even merely my journal, that I’m going to give up all those nasties in 2014? Nope.

Instead I’m going to do what God does: love me just as I am. Cos that’s what I am meant to be mirroring. Love in my chubbiness. Love me in my wheeziness. Love me in my guilty love of books.

Cop out? You bet!



(Isn’t this a glorious image? Can’t find the source but love it all the same.)

7 thoughts on “In which Ruth resists making any New Year Resolutions

  1. What a wonderful resolution – no more resolutions. The trouble is that guilt will find a way to let you know “you don’t need that book”. “You really must do something to lose some weight, think what it will cost in new clothes if you don’t”.
    You don’t have to make a resolution and let people know about it, so if you can make a secret one, and achieve even half of what you’d like, you can feel huge satisfaction. And, of course, if you fail utterly, only you will know.
    Been there, done that, still trying.

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