Holiday reading

Oh I had such high hopes for my holiday reading. My Kindle was bulging with unread books and I was so looking forward to curling up with my cashmere wrap and losing myself in the mystery.  Well, dear reader, I’m afraid it just didn’t happen. The pipers, of whom we shall speak no more, were responsible for seriously curtailing my reading on Skye. But I just didn’t really find the couldn’t-put-down book until the day before I was back in work.

The Postmistress was the first book I read. Set during WW2 in London and Cape Cod, it tells the story of three women: Frankie the young American reporter in London; Emma the doctor’s wife in Cape Cod; and Iris the Cape Cod postmistress. What if a letter were never sent? What are the repercussions on such an act? I like a good war story but this wasn’t it. The characters didn’t really interact until the very end and it could have been much more exciting. 2 stars.

The Selkie Spell was the second book and I have to confess it did remind me of a Mills & Boon with a fairy story twist. However, Mills and Boon would have done a better job of the will they, won’t they relationship between Tara and Dominic. It kept me reading but I was a little disappointed by some of it. (The Kindle version also has lots of mistakes in it.)  The theme was good: mystery, love, thriller and a bit of fantasy thrown in. Written by an American about Ireland so a few hiccups there but it gets lots of 5 stars on Amazon so perhaps I’m being a bit hard. 3 stars.

Citadel by Kate Mosse was my third book and I actually haven’t finished it yet. I loved Labyrinth (the first book) and was looking forward to this third one by Mosse, however I was a little disappointed. I loved the notion of women working for the Resistance in France and this could have been much more exciting. There are the usual flashbacks to ancient times and it all became a little bit contrived for me. It just wasn’t a page-turner but I see the reviews say the 2nd half is much better so I will perhaps go back to it.

Shadow of Night was by far the best book I’ve read recently (if you’re in to vampires, witchcraft, and time travel) which was the second in a new trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I can’t remember who suggested the first one to me (A Discovery of Witches) but it might have been Sally who shares my taste in books. On first glance I didn’t think it was going to be my kind of thing but I was wrong. There is a bit of Diana Gabaldon’s Crossstitch in this one with the time travel to Tudor times. And there is a bit of JK Rowling with the witches and vampires. I really didn’t think I’d get in to the vampire genre but I loved these books. Ended up reading this until 2am to finish it. 4 stars

Our book group met this week to discuss the first in the Shetland Quartet: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves. Loved it and will probably read the others soon.

Our next book is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Lots of good reviews so I hope its a goody. (They are a difficult bunch to please, this book group!)

4 thoughts on “Holiday reading

  1. Ruth
    I always seem to read your blogs way after you write them, but – regarding your blog last month about the Liverpool Care Pathway – I was listening to “Inside the Ethics Committee” yesterday morning and, among all the caring, compassionate voices involved, not one mentioned the young man’s spiritual/religious welfare

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