In which Christ Church talks Equal Marriage

Last week we had a great evening at Christ Church with the lovely Beth. Beth represents Changing Attitude Scotland and came to talk to a group about Equal Marriage. It all began when someone in church asked “But why do they need to get married in church when they have civil partnerships?” That’s where it began. I had answered that and had gone on to talk about Scripture and how it is used and misused. But I reckoned that this needed more time than a conversation over coffee.

Beth was happy to come and talk, especially about the latest news on Equal Marriage. But first we used some of the dvd For the Bible tells me so. If you haven’t seen it before then I can really recommend it especially for elderly members of the family who might be stuck in their ways. It features Gene Robinson’s parents among others, and our own +Richard Holloway makes a short appearance too. After the dvd Beth talked for a while on Equal Marriage and then took questions. She created a really good atmosphere which allowed people to feel relaxed enough to ask anything.

It turned out to be a really good evening. If you haven’t talked it over with your congregations then this might be a model you could copy. Our church is going to be voting on it over the next few years so it might be an idea to find out what you and your friends think. I’m happy to lend the dvd if you’d like to see it.


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