Single Supper

If you live in Scotland what do the words Single Supper mean to you? Exactly. They mean you want your fish or pie or deep-fried pizza on its own without chips. That’s what a Single Supper is in our chip shops. But we at Christ Church are going to start something entirely new (for us) which hopefully will not involve a fish with no chips.

You see, it is all about single people. I remember being told by a single woman in a previous parish that she found it hard being single in church. I’ve always been single in church and never had a problem and indeed, was quite surprised at her comments. But then, I am an extrovert who doesn’t mind going to things alone. But she felt that most of church was geared towards families and couples and that it really was quite hard to turn up on your own to things.

Last week someone in Christ Church brought up the subject again. She is a recent widow and feels that she’d like to try out new restaurants or go to a movie and wondered if anyone else in church is on their own and would like to go too. A few of us singles had a blether and agreed that we would like to go to the new restaurant at Beancross so we’re going on Wednesday. Of course the person who suggested it doesn’t really want to organise it!! And someone else had to make the booking, but it is a start.

Now we need a name. We can find plenty events and eating places to try. But what shall we call ourselves? The Single Supper Club? But we might not always go for supper… Any suggestions? We want it to say what it does on the tin, ie that it is for singles. But not in a dating kind of way, if you know what I mean. The Singles Club seems just a bit desperate if you know what I mean.

Of course now I feel that we are excluding all those married people who’d love to join us… You can’t win.


14 thoughts on “Single Supper

  1. You could call it ‘All for One’ most of the time and then have an occasional event that is ‘One for All’ when others can also come along as well.

  2. I like it. Have told Wendy we won’t dress up as vampires either. Mind you, this could make it a whole lot more fun.

  3. Hmmmm. I certainly appreciate the idea, but I do have my worries about the way of going about it.

    Maybe it’s my contrarian nature and/or Yorkshire origins or something, but if I see a sub-group blatantly designed for a subset of people then even if I match the label or criteria, my interest is at best zero, likely less. The logic goes: if that label is all I have in common with people, tough; I’d rather have authentic (“organic”) conversation with people regardless of any label’s applicability. (The corresponding case here was a church “20s & 30s group” whose contrived functions I successfully avoided.)

    On the plus side, however, one potential name for it that came to mind was “church”. Make of that, and attendant mental images, what you may…

  4. My husband would agree wholeheartedly with the difficult of being in church as a single man when everything is geared to the families ( He’s an introvert) Now of course he has me so its not such a problem 🙂 !

    • So first we had a fight about how we were going to divide the bill. Then a disagreement about what colour of wine. And that was all before we sat down at our table!!

      The Italian waiters were great fun though and the food divine. Ravioli stuffed with lobster was excellent. 5 stars for Chianti at Beancross, nr Falkirk.

  5. A bit late perhaps, but I thought about ILF – no it is not the way they say ELF in Morningside, but Independent Ladies of Falkirk – but you probably won’t like Ladies, so maybe it could be Lassies? The Independent Lassies of Falkirk

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