In which Ruth is impressed by the Methodists

I missed our Synod this year, because we were on Iona. I’m not sure then whether the debate on ethical banking got another airing or not. It is something I’ve been thinking about lately and I know some churches have already made the move so some bank whose name I don’t remember.

However, while catching up with 4 Church Times, I was most impressed with an article about the Methodists who are taking a firmer line against companies in which it invests when they fail to appoint women to their boards. Yes, I had to read it twice too before I could believe it. So while the CofE still haven’t agreed on Bishops who happen to be women, and we still haven’t appointed one, the Methodists are so passionate about equality they carry it in to their banking.

“In future, it will vote against the reappointment of all directors responsible for boardroom recruitment in FTSE 100 companies if there are no women on the board and no plans to put that right.”

I wonder if we even attend the AGMs of companies in which we invest. Someone must, I guess. Does anyone know?  The Methodists are also toughening their stance on companies that fail to report their greenhouse-gas emissions clearly, and also keeping an eye on executive pay.

At the end of the article it proudly states:

The Church of England Ethical Investment Advisory Group advises the Church’s investment bodies to challenge companies that award unduly high bonuses.

Well big deal, frankly. I hope we are all doing that. But the women thing? Now that’s radical – and it bloody shouldn’t be.

2 thoughts on “In which Ruth is impressed by the Methodists

  1. Hmm. Fair job description : YES. Fair competition YES. Level playing field YES. But positive discrimination – hmm?

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