I finished The Chessmen!

This was my fear with the New Year Resolution. That a book would come out that I’ve been waiting for for ages. A book that I wouldn’t hesitate to 1-click on Amazon and have it the next day. Now that I’m not buying fiction (did I mention that?) I knew that I’d either have to beg, borrow or go to the library and wait.

And so it was with The Chessmen,  the third in the Lewis trilogy by Peter May. But one of my little flock gave me a signed copy as a gift last week which was so sweet. She’s getting straight into heaven, that one!

For a while I wasn’t so sure about this book. There seemed to be a lot of descriptions of Lewis countryside, seaside, and skyside, and not too much happening in the excitement stakes. Having said that, the writing is beautiful and the descriptions wonderful.  The story went back and forth in years and helped set the scene for the present and that was done well and I didn’t get confused. However, about half way through it all picked up a pace and I ended up loving it. Couldn’t put it down in the end. 4 stars.

Tomorrow I go off on my annual Retreat. Silent Retreat. And I’m dreading it. No, I am living in hope that the Retreat Leader will say at the beginning: Welcome to the Clergy Retreat. This retreat we are going to have conversation at meal times and in the mornings. Thereafter we will be silent. And my heart will sing. Until such times, I am taking my Kindle with a zillion books to read.

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