When a Day Off becomes a day off again

Friday is my day off. Sometimes it is not my day off and that is usually because of a funeral or because it is a crazy time of year. Today my day off was interrupted by the Burns Lunch for our wrinklies. (In the USA they call them ‘shut-ins’ – how awful is that? Wrinklies is MUCH nicer.)

However today is also the first day that Falkirk has had snow that lies on the ground. While the rest of the country have been suffering for days or weeks we have somehow escaped. Today it is snowing and lying. Not a huge amount. Not enough to get the wellies on. But it is still flurrying down so the decision to call off the Burns Lunch was made. The Burns napkins were put away for another year. The sherry was put in a cupboard, the haggis etc into the freezer.  After all, we don’t want to be responsible for broken hips and wrists.

So now I have an unexpected day off once more. And what shall I do with it? Oh there are so many possibilities. I could curl up and read my Peter May book. I could watch a pile of Father Brown episodes. I could clean the bathroom floor and try to fix the wonky wastepipe on the lav. (Yes, I know – the plumbing saga still goes on.) I could do some light housework and a bit of vacuuming. I could write all my sermons for this Sunday and next as I’m off on retreat next week and get up to date on things. Too much choice!

What would you do?

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