Ironing with Rita Kitten

Well, that’s not strictly accurate. I wasn’t actually using Rita Kitten as an iron, or indeed trying to iron her, but she was present in the room which must be a first since she came to live with us 6 months ago.  (That does not mean that I only iron every 6 months, by the way. It is merely the first time she has been in the room with me while the ironing was going on.)

So, here’s how it goes when you iron with Rita Kitten.

  1. Put up ironing board.
  2. Eeek! Scary clunky noise. I’ll put the hair up on my tail so that this big metal beast is warned off.
  3. Plug in iron.
  4. Oooh! A flex to play with.
  5. Get water jug.
  6. Oooh! A jug to drink out of.
  7. Bring basked of ironing through.
  8. Niiice! A place to lie down and leave as much hair as possible.
  9. Iron first hankie.
  10. Ahaa! What is this movement back and forth? It looks intriguing. Is it a game?
  11. Take hankie to folding pile.  Turn round to find Rita Kitten lying on warm spot on ironing board.
  12. Repeat 10 to 11 with dishtowels, shirts, duvet covers (bigger warm spot to sprawl out on) etc.
  13. Go for cup of tea. Come back to find Rita Kitten has moved on to the folded pile and gone to sleep.


5 thoughts on “Ironing with Rita Kitten

  1. Ruth??! You iron your dishtowels?? And use proper linen handkies? I see you in an entirely new light! (What number on the Enneagram are you?)

    • Tee hee! Love my real hankies and the Virgo in me needs smooth linen. Don’t know what number I am. I’ve never actually done it, don’t quite know why… Probably financial! You always seem to have to pay for Enneagram. I’m sure though that Number 4 rings a bell?


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