A little hospital encounter

The placeFalkirk Community Hospital

The Cast A caring, slightly weary priest and a little old lady

The Script

The conversation thus far had established that little old lady was rather confused and had lost her memory. She had no idea why she was in hospital, didn’t know if she had a doctor, had no recall of any visitors, and was freezing cold. I offered her my purple cashmere fingerless gloves to try, which she popped on, tucked under her oxters and that was the last I saw of them. The conversation finished thus:

Priest:  Is there anything I can bring in for you?

Lady:  (silence)

Priest: Anything at all you need?

Lady: (silence but looks heavenwards as if thinking deeply)

Priest: You know, toiletries? Biscuits? Something to read?

Lady: (silence but really concentrating now)

Priest: Nothing at all? Not even a drink?

Lady: (with sly smile) Oh a glass of wine would do nicely.


A true Episcopalian! Bless her.

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