More books what I have read

Gosh, it has been ages since I have blogged. That will be because of two funerals and a frantic race to get all things organised for being away. Yes, I am on holiday this week and then off to Windsor Castle next week for a course. However, although I’ve been really busy I have managed to read a few books.

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick is our next book group choice. I chose it by looking at some American Book Club website and finding their book of the month. Wish I hadn’t now. ‘Full of Gothic twists, it’s an irresistible tale of skewed seduction’ said the Daily Mail. Why would I care what the Daily Mail says anyway but they got the skewed seduction right. The story could have been okay had it not been for the author’s penchant for putting all the main character’s thoughts on sex in every page. Well, not quite every page but it did get a bit tiresome. Set in 1907 Ralph puts an advert in a newspaper for a wife. Catherine arrives, beautiful of course, and then the ‘Gothic twists’ begin. There were some surprises and it wasn’t a bad wee story and page-turner but I could have managed without the endless pondering about sex.
It must be my age. 3 stars

Out of the Deep I cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming is the 3rd in the Clare Fergusson/Russ Can Alstyne mysteries, Clare being an Episcopal priest and Russ being the chief of police. I read the first two some years ago and remembered them as being quite good. I’m not sure this one was quite so good but that might have been because the story goes back and forwards in time which is something I don’t really enjoy in a novel. And how she managed to get all the sleuthing done in the middle of Lent is beyond me, however a bit of poetic license must be allowed I guess. As always, with an ecclesiastical whodunnit, I could have done with a bit more ‘churchy’ stuff. Spencer-Fleming does do ‘small town politics’ well. 4 stars.

Jeanette Winterson’s The Daylight Gate tells the tale of the Trial of the Lancashire Witches in 1612. This is a book about women, some powerful and some abused. It is really a novella and just took me a few hours to read. John McLuckie does a much better review than I could. I loved the book. Winterson takes some real history and imbues it with her own fantastical writing. 5 stars.

I’m going to try my iPad for reading while I’m away instead of my Kindle. Will let you know how I get on. The clever thing is that they sync so that when I come home to my Kindle it should remember what page I was on with the iPad. Clever, eh?

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