The Trinity Game – a book review

I’ve just finished The Trinity Game by Sean Chercover on my Kindle. Again I can’t remember who recommended it to me, or if it was just one of those impulse Kindle purchases that seem to be happening more often. Amazon are very good at promoting those wee Kindle bargains, aren’t they?

This book would be perfect holiday reading if you want a bit of ecclesiastical espionage and a page-turning romp from the Vatican to New Orleans. There was a hint of The Da Vinci Code about it but I did enjoy it.

The blurb:

Daniel Byrne is an investigator for the Vatican’s secretive Office of the Devil’s Advocate—the department that scrutinizes miracle claims. Over ten years and 721 cases, not one miracle he tested has proved true. But case #722 is different; Daniel’s estranged uncle, a crooked TV evangelist, has started speaking in tongues—and accurately predicting the future. Daniel knows Reverend Tim Trinity is a con man. Could Trinity also be something more?

The evangelist himself is baffled by his newfound power—and the violent reaction it provokes. After years of scams, he suddenly has the ability to predict everything from natural disasters to sports scores. Now the mob wants him dead for ruining their gambling business, and the Vatican wants him debunked as a false messiah. On the run from assassins, Trinity flees with Daniel’s help through the back roads of the Bible Belt to New Orleans, where Trinity plans to deliver a final prophecy so shattering his enemies will do anything to keep him silent.

I loved the hero of the book, the priest Daniel, and enjoyed watching his relationship with his old girlfriend develop. I surprised myself at how strongly I wanted them to get it together. And I actually came round to being rather fond of the old rascal, Tim Trinity, the evangelist. The church hierarchy doesn’t come off terribly well – c’est la vie, eh?

I can see there being more books in a series and it would also make a great movie. 4 stars.


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