Brave – The Movie

Day off yesterday and I decided to go and see Brave which has just come out at the cinemas in Scotland. In amongst the many children with huge boxes of popcorn, bigger than them in some cases, and enough fizzy drinks to keep them burping all afternoon, we settled down to be entertained with Pixar’s latest offering.

And it was fabulous! I absolutely loved it. The critics have said the ending wasn’t great but I didn’t agree at all. I thought it had the best ending. It was a story of a girl discovering herself, her strength, and her love for family. It is about the love (and hate) between a mother and daughter. It is about sacrifice and redemption.

The animation is wonderful and I could have watched those red curls for hours. And the music was lovely too although I didn’t find out who was responsible for that. Very celtic and atmospheric.

If you are from Aberdeen and speak the Doric then you will find some lovely little bits to amuse.

5 stars

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