The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – A book review

Picked this book up in the local Oxfam shop because I thought I’d heard about it. (Now not sure that I had.)

The book begins on a dark and stormy night when a doctor delivers his own twins. His son, born first, is fine and healthy but his daughter has Downs Syndrome. In a panic he asks his nurse to take the girl away to an institution and tells his wife there is only one child. (Somehow, conveniently,  she had passed out for the delivery.) Of course when the nurse takes the baby to the institution she finds out it is a terrible place and decides to bring up the girl herself. So far so good.

But from then on the book slows down to a crawl and although the writing is good, I’m not sure the research was. I just kept thinking that this would be so much better in Jodi Picoult’s hands as she covers these ethical dilemmas so much better. However, I did keep reading to the end just to see how it would pan out.  One of the problems for me was that I just didn’t really like any of the characters and the ending felt a little contrived.

It would appear that some people out there love this book so perhaps you need to make up your own mind. I’d give it 3 stars.

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