In which Ruth reveals what else she read on holiday

The Orkney trip (more of that later) meant an outing for the treasured Kindle, perfect as it is for this sort of holiday. Thankfully I am one of those people who does not vomit on the bus while reading so I managed to get four books under my belt throughout the second week of the holiday.

The first one was Relatively Guilty by William H S McIntyre, which I think is available on Kindle only.  I heard about this in the Falkirk Herald, I think, and it is by a local man  and is set in Linlithgow.  (There are 3 books in the Robbie Munro series so far.) It was a kind of murder mystery story told by a criminal lawyer and it was light, amusing and with lots of local bits to delight.  I could see this being televised.

The second book was a Novella by Hilary Mantel called Ink in the Blood: A Hospital Diary. It is  a strange little essay about a recent time in hospital and the loss of dignity that goes along with that. A must for all hospital staff.

The third book was Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson and this was one I really couldn’t put down. It tells the story of a woman suffering from a special kind of amnesia which means that every morning she wakes up in bed with a man but does not know who he is. Each day she has to be reminded why she has no memory and starts to keep a journal on the advice of her Psychologist. This is a real psychological thriller which had me convinced the husband was the baddie, then the Pyschologist, then the husband, then… Great pace and although there were one or two annoying bits (like how come that mobile phone remained charged for so long?) they did not deter from a really good story.

The last book was One Day by David Nicholls, which to tell you the truth, I didn’t really fancy when it came out but there has been so much praise for it that I thought I’d give it a go. It was okay. Nice premise of meeting the couple on the same day every year, but I found it difficult to like the character of Dexter. Oh he was real enough, just not very likeable to begin with. Emma was lovely and I did like the way the book worked out but they could have done it a bit quicker for my liking.  Did enjoy the politics and history of the times but could have done with a wee bit more of that.


2 thoughts on “In which Ruth reveals what else she read on holiday

  1. Sounds like you are working your way through my book groups choices, or perhaps ladies of a certain age all read the same books. If you do want to keep up with the book group then you MUST read “Nothing to Envy – Real Lives in North Korea” by Barbara Demick. Unforgettable.

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