Christ raises the daughter of Jairus image

Came across this image on the blog reader today and I love it. I adore that it links the two parts of the story together in one image. The scripture on the clothing of Jesus and the woman who touches the hem of his garment is interesting, as is the piece of writing above Jesus’ arm which may be Talitha cum. And who is the wee poppet linking the two images at the bottom and is she going to touch Jesus’ hem?


4 thoughts on “Christ raises the daughter of Jairus image

  1. Thank you for sharing this Ruth, something struck me with image that never really sunk in before and not quite sure what it is saying now but for some reason it seems very significant. It might seem a silly thing to say after all it is so obvious, but Jesus is wearing the same garment. The woman touched it, ‘defiled’ it, made it unclean, Jarius’ daughter too is dead – unclean – but Jesus despite already being in a perceivable unclean state raises her from the dead.

  2. Hmm, never thought of that either. There is something about the number 12 too which I can’t quite figure out. The child is 12 years old and the woman has been bleeding for 12 years. There must be a connection, no?

  3. 12 is the age a girl is believed to reach womanhood… theoretically/ ritually the commencement of menstruation.
    The woman has been bleeding for the entire lifespan of the girl …
    In different ways, both are ‘spent’, and in different ways, Jesus brings life:
    the hope of new life for the woman – perhaps she may be able to bear children?
    And the reality of new life for the girl who was dead

    12 is also highly symbolic for the 12 tribes of Israel/ 12 disciples of Jesus…

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