Confirmation at Christ Church

It has been a while since there has been a Confirmation at Christ Church. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how long exactly because the Confirmation Register has mysteriously disappeared. (Before I came, I hasten to add!) Last Sunday our brand new Bishop John Armes visited Christ Church as one of his first duties and confirmed five lovely people: Jim, Eleanor, Rebecca, Alasdair and Sam.

The Holy Scrubbers did a marvellous job of making the church deliciously polished and vacuumed. (In fact, there was a concern that the new Bishop might slide off the Bishop’s throne because it was so highly polished.) The flowers were bonny and the pews were full. What more can you ask? The only slight problem was that I was not in control having had to hand over the reins to the Bishop and my lovely servers but I think I coped remarkably well. I may have looked like a meerkat at some points trying to see that everything was being done, but really I should have trusted more.

After the service, and many photographs, there was a lovely buffet lunch in the hall with a rather splendid cake made by Margaret Lyons. Then Bishop John and Clare had a wee romp round the rectory as it was his first visit here.

It really was a glorious day and thanks to all involved.


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