Carlo Caretto’s Love Letter to His Church

I came across this on someone’s blog today. I like it.

How much I criticise you my church and yet how much I love you!

You have made me suffer more than anyone and yet I owe you more than I owe anyone. I should like to see you destroyed and yet I need your presence.

You have given me much scandal and yet you alone have made me understand holiness. Never in the world have I seen anything more obscurantist, more compromised, more false, yet never have I touched anything more pure, more generous or more beautiful.

Countless times I have felt like slamming the door of my soul in your face – and yet, every night, I have prayed that I might die in your arms!

No, I cannot be free of you, for I am one with you, even if not completely you.
Then too – where should I go? To build another church?

But I cannot build another church without the same defects, for they are my own defects. And again, if I were to build another church, it would be my church, not Christ’s church. No, I am old enough. I know better!”

2 thoughts on “Carlo Caretto’s Love Letter to His Church

  1. That passage is so truth-full and self-aware – I love it! Caretto’s style is so heart-opening, I was blessed in reading his reflections. I read that passage last year to my meditative group as we all started going our own ways because a church failed to accept us as we were. Each of us has now approached our new churches – each suited to our family and personal types – with eyes wide open and recognising that we are part of them, faults and all. Love & Life to you today – I often read and benefit from your blog but don’t usually comment. Thanks.

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