New Every Morning (episode 3)

I know you’re all fed up getting up at 6.30am to listen to little ol’ me on the wireless so here‘s the link for catching it later all week. Only one more week to go…

(There is nothing nicer than getting a whole congregation tell you that you are their snugglebunny!)

6 thoughts on “New Every Morning (episode 3)

  1. Ruth
    I listened to the service this morning and was really uplifted by it. I did appreciate your prayers for others and I could picture the pebble in the water and the rings and the way you used the imagery to represent the close family and spreading out to the wider world. I am responsible for the prayers of intercession at our church next Sunday and I was was wondering if you would have any objection to me using something similar as part of my prayers?

    • Jackie, you are most welcome to pinch the idea for intercessions. That is exactly what I did! They come from The Intercessions Handbook by John Pritchard with a few alterations. I love the visual image they create too.

      • Thank you – I’ve got a whole of ideas swirling around; I agree with your comments about the draught at the back of the cathedral, been there without and then definitely with my thermals on!! I hope Christ Church is a bit warmer!

  2. Dear Ruth

    After attending John’s consecration on saturday I can only say, that despite the cold the ecumenical warmth was incredible.
    After attending churches throughout the uk, I have never known one that is sufficentially heated..that is churches built circa 12th centuary and beyond.
    Could not quite understand your rather irreverent comment about the representative in red would you prefer purple? Set him on fire to create a bit of warmth in St Mary’s ?

    When did Christianity discover Falkirk or should I say when did Falkirk discover Christianity?

    Anyhow it was a great day.



    • Dear Phil
      It is a bit of an ongoing joke about the temperature in the cathedral. Especially as I’m told the heating went off at 11am! Those at the back really suffered with the howling gale blowing in the doors.
      Gosh was I being irreverent about the Cardinal? I certainly didn’t mean to be. He added a lovely splash of colour. But your idea of setting him on fire for warmth did tempt! And there was someone (Coptic perhaps?) with the most glorious robes on.
      Not sure when Falkirk and Christianity got together. Before my time, I suspect. Or maybe we’re still trying.

  3. Oh we are toasty at Christ Church, IF the heating has been on for a good time. We have been known to cuddle up though when it fails.

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