Seeing and Believing 3

Yesterday was the first day of the third course called Seeing and Believing which Anne Dyer is putting on in our Diocese. I did the first course and really enjoyed it, but sadly couldn’t do the Lent one because my diary didn’t allow it.

The theme yesterday was the Art of Resurrection, Conversion and New Life so we spent a few hours looking at delicious images of the Resurrection from early catacombs to the present date. It was absolutely fascinating and I was glad to see a few of my own favourites in there too.

However, this painting was new to me and is the one that has stuck in my head.  I think it is called The three Marys by Henry Ossawa Tanner from 1910.

I love that it depicts the three ages of women (as the Magi do for men) and the different expressions on their faces. What can you see? Determination? Anxiety? Fear? Horror? Awe?  That and more, I suspect. The light shining from the tomb shows great warmth on their figures although there is a coldness from the moon and the dark blue skies.

You could write a story about this painting.

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