Pooh sticks

Last week Son #2 and I went for a walk. (Yes, you heard me right – a walk.) Well it was a bit of a hike for me and a gentle stroll for him but we got some fresh air so that’s fine.

At one point, going round Callender Park, we came across a wee bridge.

“We could play Pooh Sticks here,” says I.

“Pooh Sticks?” says he.

“Yes, you know. Didn’t we play them when you were wee?”

“Well I played Pooh Sticks, but what do you mean by Pooh Sticks?”

“You know, you throw a stick over one side of the bridge and then race to the other to see whose stick comes out first.”

“Ah. When I was young Pooh Sticks was a whole different thing. You got a stick, you got some dog’s poo on it and you chased folk. Now that’s Pooh Sticks.”

That’s my boy!

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