The Photocopier Prayer

Can’t remember where this came from but I always remember it at this time of year!

Parish secretaries and their rectors, too,
Thinking of the bulletins that will ensue,
Drop to their knees and begin to quake,
Praying their copiers will stay awake
Through Maundy Thursday and the rest;
Without behaving as if possessed.
Rectors wonder with uncertainty,
“Should I have purchased the extended warranty?”
Misfeeds, toner woes and a paper jam
Always seem to accompany the Paschal Lamb.
Why this happens is a great unknown,
a mystery worthy of the bishop’s throne.
So stoke the incense, say your prayers;
anything to stave off copier repairs.
As the dark shadows of Tenebrae now approach;
may your copier behave without reproach.
And as we begin the Good Friday fast,
May it wait ‘til Low Sunday to breathe its last.


4 thoughts on “The Photocopier Prayer

  1. Alternatively, you could ask if anyone in your congregation has a cheap (to run) laser printer that could be borrowed if necessary, and set up a standing arrangement with them. At several pages per minute and 1p to 2p per side, and with better-looking print than a photocopier, lasers are a pretty practical standby.

    • Actually I have a b/w laser printer which I use for a lot of stuff. But it really can’t cope with magazines and multi-page books – or not in the quantities we need. And I do pray for it too!

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