Daily Office in Lent

I can’t tell you how delicious it is to say Morning Prayer with others. As has become a habit of mine, I always offer an invitation for anyone to join me in Advent and Lent at Morning Prayer. Many like to do it as part of their Lenten discipline, some each day and some occasionally. I always print a wee bookie to go with it because I’ve found that they are not always easy to use for beginners, with fingers in pages and bookmarks in others. Over the years I have used different versions: SEC Daily Prayer; RC; Franciscan; Mirfield; Celtic and now I put together my own version cobbled together from various sources but with a celtic theme. (Available in Publisher format if you’re interested.) Some folk at church take it home and do it ‘in communion’ with us.

The Scripture readings I use have varied too over the years. I used to always use the SEC Lectionary ones, or the ones prescribed by the book I was using. Sometimes they can be a wee bit heavy.  On occasions I’ve also used Reflections for Daily Prayer along with the set readings (in this case you have to use CofE readings) and as different authors write the contributions it can be a hit or a miss. In Advent we used the meditations from Celtic Daily Prayer and they were… unusual, but often good. This Lent we are using Sacred Space in Lent by the Irish Jesuits.

But the best part of it all is to have someone else there. That is the most glorious part of all. With a candle and a purple cloth and the sun streaming in through the meeting room window, and with the birds singing to their hearts’ content outside, it really is a most excellent start to the day.

What version do you use? Tell me why you like it.

4 thoughts on “Daily Office in Lent

  1. I use Morning and Evening Prayer (from the Divine Office) and the readings from the Ordo. It’s always inspiring, uplifting and fills me with a sense of praying not only with the world but with Christians from the past and into the future.
    I’m enjoying your blog.

    • Thanks Lydia, for stopping by. When I first started doing the Office I was most impressed with the notion that this was the prayer of the world, and of how many others were taking part in communion with me. Sometimes I forget that bit so thank you for reminding me.

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