Lent online

There is lots happening on the www for Lent. Here are some links and you can decide which, if any, you want to follow.

Beauty from Chaos has been running for a number of years now. Organised by Mother Kimberly, it used to be an SEC thing but now friends from all over are participating. I didn’t take part last year because I think I was trying to do a daily lent blog myself but it was way too hard and I felt decidedly unspiritual about it by the end. This year I may throw in a little bon mot from time to time to Beauty from Chaos.

Mother Kirstin is planting trees or something over on her blog and has some ideas for things to do. Click on her links and you’ll find even more.

Stephen Cherry, who wrote The Barefoot Disciple (Lent book from last year) has given some ideas for Lent too. Check them out.

There is something crazy going on over at Lent Madness and you might find it interesting.

Fr Simon is doing his daily text messages or tweets over at Blessed. You can join up there or ask me to pass the text messages on. I’ve always found them meaningful and challenging.

If there is anything else you know about that’s going on, please comment.

4 thoughts on “Lent online

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  2. Thanks for these links. I especially like Stephen Cherry’s suggestions as being simple and practical, but I suspect stretching in the doing. I found his book Barefoot Disciple inspirational.

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